Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fuse IDE 2.1 is coming soon...

Fuse IDE, the Developer Tooling for Apache Camel, ServiceMix and ActiveMQ will be released in version 2.1 soon. We at FuseSource put in a lot of effort to further improve the user experience and features of Fuse IDE.

Some of the new features include...

  • choice between installing via update site or downloading a full rcp distribution ready to go
  • designed to work best on Eclipse 3.7 Indigo
  • replaced use of m2eclipse with m2e which ships with Eclipse 3.7
  • improved route editor with more clean separation of routes and easier creation of routes
  • full round tripping for spring and blueprint DSLs
  • numerous improvements in the Fuse runtime perspective
  • Fuse Fabric perspective that lets you work with Fuse Fabric from Fuse IDE

Fuse IDE for Apache Camel

Fuse IDE is available as a part of FuseSource Subscription. If you do not have a FuseSource Subscription you may download the trial version for free.

Check our Fuse IDE Beta Update Site or download the Fuse IDE Beta RCP Application to preview what is going to be shipped with Fuse IDE 2.1.


Anonymous said...

When is "soon"?

Lars Heinemann said...

My apologies for the late answer!

We expect Fuse IDE 2.1 to be finished really soon. There will be a public beta starting at 10th of April. So you will have the opportunity to download and test the new version.